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Hi, I'm Ian Chowdhury, an attorney, life coach, and entrepreneur coach.

If you are looking to level up in your life and in your business, you can learn about my services as a life coach and an entrepreneur coach, below.

If you are seeking my services as a debt defense attorney you can book a free 15-minute virtual consultation (by phone or video conference), at www.CaliforniaCollection  

Life Coaching

When you are serious about fulfilling your potential, nothing beats partnering with the right coach. Life is not a dress rehearsal, and time is of the essence.  Supercharge your life with expert coaching.

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Entrepreneur Coaching

If you believe that running your own business is an essential part of getting the most from life, we're on the same page. Partnering with the right coach on your entrepreneurial journey can give you a vital edge.

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Full-Service Legal Defense

When you are sued on an old credit card debt, don't go it alone. Having an experienced attorney will allow you to sleep at night, knowing your case is being handled properly.

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