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Apr 24, 2022

This is my first post on this blog, so it is appropriate that I use it as a new beginning; specifically, as an introduction to my new self-accountability scorecard.  You can view it here.

A scorecard is a productivity tool, that I learned about from the book, "The 4 Disciplines of Execution" by Chris McChesney, Sean Covey, and Jim Huling.  Basically, they argue that if you want to actually get anything done, you need to have a compelling scorecard, where you keep track of the most important controllable thing that you think will ultimately lead to the accomplishment of your "wildly important goal" a.k.a. your WIG.  In turn, your WIG should be the concrete manifestation of the next step towards your vision.

In my case, my vision is for 51% of the California consumers facing credit card collection lawsuits to use the low-cost legal defense tools that I plan to create.  I've tried to create similar self-representation tools and training before, but this time I'm on fire about it!

My reasons for having this vision, stem from another even larger vision that I may talk about in a separate post someday, but for current purposes the 51% vision is sufficient.

The wording and form of this vision statement are inspired by Brian Johnson's stated vision statement of helping 51% of humanity to "flourish" by the year 2051. (In turn, he credits the formulation of his own vision statement to statements by positive psychologist Martin Seligman).  If you're not familiar with Johnson, he created the Philosopher's Note series of book summaries, along with a cool self-improvement course dubbed Optimize.  Not coincidentally, I also first learned of the 4DE book, mentioned above, from Johnson's Philosopher's Notes.

Now that we've established that I'm not too proud to steal an idea, here's the point:  I'm creating a scorecard, which I am posting online.  For now, it will track the "lead measure" of the time that I spend improving my "California Collection Defense" website.

Why am I selecting this particular variable to measure? After all, measuring time spent tinkering on my website does not sound very sexy!

Because my current strategy for achieving the 51% goal, is as follows:  First, increase the quality, usefulness, findability, and traffic to that website; Second, take another crack at creating the low-cost tools that will allow consumers to represent themselves; and third, create training materials to teach people how to effectively use those tools.

At the moment, the non-sexy, concrete and controllable thing that I can best do to execute against the first step of the above strategy is to spend time gradually improving the content of my website.  Therefore, the leading measure -- what I will track on my scorecard -- will be the amount of time spent working on improving

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